Cisco’s Huevos Rancheros

  Cisco's Huevos Rancheros Traditional TexMex Huevos (pronounced "guevos") Rancheros or Translated Eggs Rancheros Style. This is a favorite authentic recipe. try it! This recipe was served at Cisco's in Austin Texas and served to such celebrities...

Migas con Huevo or Migajas

Migas con Huevo or Migajas

Migas is a meatless main dish made by frying torn-up tortillas with eggs. They can be served for breakfast or lunch. can be served with refried beans and tortillas.

Chorizo Mexicano (Mexican Sausage) Filler

  Chorizo Mexicano (Mexican Sausage) Filler Growing up this was something too good to pass up. This recipe, to me, is best a bit heavy on the fatty side. The flavors are amazing, of course, if you prefer you can choose leaner pork. 2 lbs Ground Pork2 Tablespoons...